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About Us

Dubai Car Body Shop has provided a full service solution to the people of Dubai and its environs for over twenty years. In that time we have counted individuals, including many of the movers and shakers of the Emirates World. Corporate clients, the military, police, schools and security personnel. We have also sent automotive components from our warehouse to every major country in the world, and some minor ones too.

Our mission is to be:

• Cost-effective, always providing great value for money;
• Convenient, if you can’t come to us, we will come to you; and
• Professional with highly qualified staff, a superbly equipped workshop and a can do attitude.

All our work is of the highest quality and is guaranteed. We operate in a collaborative and transparent way with you the customer. We will tell you exactly what your car needs, how long it will take and what the work will cost; like you, we are also averse to nasty surprises. Throughout the repair, you will be provided with regular update. Your car will be ready for collection at the time agreed. In the unusual event of a delay, for example we have experienced difficulty sourcing a rare component, we will keep you fully informed at all times. Respect and courtesy are of the greatest importance to us so far as our customers are concerned.

Preventative Maintenance

We recommend our customers embrace our policy of preventative maintenance. This means, you don’t wait for issues and problems to arise, because you tackle them as soon as there is a possibility that they will occur. We will check your vehicle for you on a regular basis, most likely more regularly than the frequency specified by the manufacturer. Spotting glitches before they manifest can save you a heap of trouble later on. Take a faulty timing belt for instance. An experienced mechanic can easily spot such a malfunction. Repairing it at that point can save a complete breakdown and possibly major damage to your engine and a very costly repair. Similarly, your life depends on the quality of your tyres, wheels and breaking system, so it makes sense to let us check it over regularly. Experience tells us, it’s always best to try and pre-empt issues and problems and to deal with them there and then.

Preventative maintenance can include:

• Checking and replacement, where required, of all filters;
• Checking reservoirs, such as oil levels, brake fluid, engine coolant, etc.;
• Brakes, discs and pads;
• Conditioning and timing belts; and
• Any component that could malfunction or break down.

Wherever we can we use computer diagnostics. Two Qs sum up our service, Quick and Quality. We want to help you keep your vehicle in prime condition and we won’t hang on to it any longer than we have to. You will also be pleasantly surprised at how little you have to pay to take advantage of our first-class operation.

Pick-Up & Drop Off

If you want us to look after you vehicle at anytime, but are unable to get to our service centre, we can arrange to collect and return you vehicle at a time and to a place convenient to you. Clearly we have to operate a boundary, but if this is a service you might be interested, contact us for further details and take a note of our emergency number, so that, if the worst we’re to happen, you know exactly who to contact.

Our Team

Our senior personnel at Dubai Car Body Shop are highly qualified with years of experience in maintaining and repairing every make and model of car. Our junior staff and apprentices work under very close supervision until they have reached the high standards we demand. On our team we have:

• Master motor mechanics;
•Experts in Car Body work and repair;
•Auto engineers of the highest calibre; and
••Master painters, including customising artists.

We have a fantastic back office team too. We ensure that the highest safety standards are observed at all times. You can visit our workshops at any time and see our health and safety policies in action. This is to both protect the welfare of our valuable team and to ensure that your car is not returned to you until it has been safety cleared by one of our examiners.

Our Workshop

Dubai Car Body Shop is modelled on European values and operating principles. Visiting us is like visiting the service centre of a main dealership, or market leader in the same field in any country in Europe. We are Dubai’s leading car maintenance and repair centre with a history of success behind us. Our service centre is fitted out with the latest technological innovations, including state of the art building berths and body work painting chambers. Equipment is only ever operated by those qualified to use it. Irrespective of how small, or large the job is, you can be sure of openness, honesty and reliability at all times. If you want to see this in action, we will allow you to stay with your vehicle whilst the work is being carried out, you can even speak to those involved in the work.

Getting an appointment with us.

We are a very busy servicing centre, but we always strive to meet our customers’ needs. You can book an appointment with us through our website, by e-mail, or over the telephone. Our call answerers are friendly and knowledgeable and will do everything they can to assist you.

Loyalty Cards.

Here at Dubai Car Body Shop we like to give something back to our customers, so we have devised. System of rewards which increase in value the more you avail yourself of our service. Speak to us today for further details.


We are always on the lookout for high quality staff and specialists in the services we provide. We also need good administrators, office staff and apprentices. We advertise positions in the local press, but please don’t let that prevent you sending your CV to us if you wish to. We may not be able to offer you anything immediately, but we will keep your details on our records, let you know should a vacancy arise and invite you to submit a formal application.


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