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From minor to major repairs, on models from America to Japan, luxury to standard cars, 4x4s, MPVs and SUVs, we offer a full range of maintenance, repair and servicing solutions, including:

The list is not exhaustive. Our highly skilled workforce can as equally well change a small component as they can strip and engine down completely and rebuild it.


Our expertise in dealing with special makes of car.

At Dubai Car Body Shop we deal with all makes and models of car and we personalise our service to that brand. To illustrate how we do this, here are some examples. However, if your make of car is not amongst them, don't worry. We really do deal with any make or model, including self-builds and classic and vintage cars.

Toyota is just one of the many different brands we specialise on. No matter what model your Toyota is, or how much mileage is on the clock we can ensure that you car is maintained in great condition. In fact we have created a maintenance programme which takes into account the challenges of the local climate here in Dubai. Our mechanics can quickly determine where the fault lies and also spot and treat other potential malfunctions waiting to happen. We use machinery and computer programmes especially suited to the Toyota brand. Because we stock all major Toyota components there will be no delay caused by waiting for parts. So, whether yours is a Yaris, Vista, Corolla or another classic model it will be in very competent hands and you will be impressed with our pricing, which is likely to be considerably less than at a Toyota main dealership. We can all properly maintain and care for your Lexus, one of the many hybrid model we deal with. We are also experts in electric powered vehicles.

We also specialise in maintaining and repairing Mercedes-Benz, a manufacturer which supplies vehicles with a detailed system of maintenance referred to as ASSYST. Technology is built into your vehicle enable recording of the number of miles covered since the date of your last service. An alert appears on the dashboard beginning a month prior to the date the next service is due. Mercedes-Benz recommend two types of service, A and B and makes other recommendations specific to the model and be of your vehicle. At Dubai Car Body Shop, we will follow these instructions to the letter for each service schedule which we adapt to suit or climate to ensure that your car runs without hitch. The specifics of service A and B can be found in your user manual.

If you would only trust your BMW to mechanics who understand the intricacies of world class German engineering, you would be right to do so. We have such staff on hand to assist you with your BMW at al times, irrespective of whether you are an individual customer or a corporate client you will get the same expert service by our BMW specialists. Experience tells us that auto electronics on BMWs are excellent, but also very sensitive, even the slightest glitch can cause fairly serious problems elsewhere. We can spot these before they materialise. We will not let your car leave our service centre until we are completely satisfied that every electrical component is showing accurate readings and otherwise working to specification. We have diagnostic technology specially designed for BMWs. We use only genuine BMW parts and accessories unless you specifically request we use high-quality copy parts. Once you have brought your BMW in to our service centre, we will run a series of diagnostic tests to determine exactly what work is required. This is a speedy service that shows us not only the current problem, but also what is likely to go wrong in the near future, so that, with your permission, we can address that too.

Porsche is another European manufacturer of luxury cars that set out a rigorous maintenance schedule for its vehicles to ensure they keep their condition at all times. Our specialists are more than familiar with Porsche's 119 point check and scheduled service periods. In fact, Porsche has endorsed Dubai Car Body Shop as one of its recognised repair agents. That is great for us, but we also think it's great for you and for Dubai. Whether it's body work, mechanical repair, auto electronics or preventative maintenance, your Porsche will receive the specialist attention it deserves, irrespective of whether it's carries a classic marque or is a more recent model. Unless otherwise requested, we will always use genuine Porsche spares the need for which is diagnosed and fitted with specialist equipment.

Range Rover and Land Rover.
Range Rovers and Land Rovers are popular forms of transport here in the United Arab Emirates. Our staff have been maintaining, servicing and repairing these vehicles since at least the time we set up our business twenty years ago. This has given us unparalleled experience in dealing with Rovers and we share this freely with our client base for what we think is a very reasonable price, compared with our competition. As with all our repair work, we use original Rover plates unless you wish us to use copies to try and keep costs down. You can be assured we only use, copies of excellent quality which we know will compromise neither the cars efficiency or your safety.

A Range of Reports.

Don't spend good money on a replacement vehicle before you have let Dubai Car Body Shop give it a thorough examination. This is particularly the case if you are looking to purchase an expensive luxury motor, say a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bentley. We know that there are so many dishonest sellers out there today trying to pass of cars that have been stolen, or are just faulty in other ways and we know that they have no reservations about fleecing you, that is for certain. The last thing you need after buying a vehicle is to find that it is practically useless and that you are facing a heavy repair bill. We can advise on;

• Potential engine faults;
• Transmission and gearboxes.
• Clutch life;
• Airbags and other safety features; and
• Brakes.

We can also run full computerised diagnostic checks on your vehicle. Our findings will be presented to you in a comprehensive report with recommendations. We also prepare reports for other purposes, such as:

• Vehicle history;
• Valuations
• 360 degree reports on vehicle health.

Don't allow yourself to become a victim of dirty dealing or scammers. Allow us to give you the confidence that you are making the right purchase decision.

Fleet Management.

Let Dubai Car Body Shop look after the maintenance and serving requirements of all your fleet of vehicles. We will make sure that your vehicles are maintained in prime condition. We will create a regular maintenance schedule, for every vehicle and a record of the work completed. This will help you keep detailed records of each vehicle's history, so, that should you come to sell it the buyer can see immediately how well a vehicle has been maintained.

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